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monica bedi

This is the tale of a girl who reached the heights of Bollywood and went to the depths of the underworld her name is Monica Bedi.

Life before the fame of Monica Bedi

  • Monica Bedi was born on 18th January 1976 in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.
  • The name of the village was Chhabbewal.
  • Her father was a registered doctor.
  • His name, Prem Kumar Bedi, and mother, Shakuntala Bedi.
  • Her father was doing okay in the village but by 1979 they shifted to Norway.
  • Her father started garments business in Norway and Monica Bedi studied there only.

monica bedi

It will be shocking to know how she got trapped in the quagmire of the underworld and this actress, who studied at Oxford University, United Kingdom how did she land up in Portugal’s jail.

How underworld don Abu Salem gave her support.

This story really amazes

Monica Bedi never accepted that she was married.

She did keep saying that she had a live-in relationship with Abu Salem.

But before the underworld don entered her life how her struggle was, is also an interesting story.

First Monica came to Delhi.

She did modeling in Delhi.

After that, she came to know that she will have to go to Mumbai to become a part of the film world.

monica bedi

Although she had met producer Manoj Kumar in England but in Mumbai, producer Mukesh Duggal became her friend.

She had a quite close relation with Mukesh Duggal.

It is difficult to tell how he was using her but Monica Bedi’s life had become difficult.

And later the underworld shot down Mukesh Duggal.

This was the moment when Monica Bedi was introduced to the underworld.

monica bedi

Fame life of Monica Bedi.

Underworld don Abu Salem helped Monica Bedi.

And it got her roles in films.

Although she had started with Telugu films.

The name of the film was Taj Mahal which was made by D. Rama Naidu.

Rama Naidu took her in two more films, Shivaya and Speed Dancer.

And in Bollywood, she was seen in film Suraksha.

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monica bedi

After working with big producers and directors she got trapped in Abu Salem’s clutches and she went to Portugal.

Abu Salem’s name was already mentioned in connection with Mumbai blasts.

And later she got sentenced also.

Her first mentor Mukesh Duggal had been murdered.

Her friendship and love with Abu Salem were blooming.

This love story of an underworld don and a heroine reached Portugal.

Both of them had gone to Portugal under false identities, both of them were arrested in 2002.

monica bedi

And after lots of difficulties, the Indian Government brought them to India.

Monica Bedi’s life began to look like a nightmare.

In media as well as everywhere questions were arising as to how a heroine was thinking of spending her life with a bomb blast accused.

After all, why did she go to Portugal only?

  • At that time rumor came that there was bad blood between underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and Abu Salem.
  • So Abu Salem changed his own and Monica Bedi’s identities and went to Portugal.

monica bedi

The Portuguese Government had sentenced them to two years of jail.

But Indian reality shown saluted Monica Bedi and said that her story will do very well on TV.

She was seen in Big Boss as well as in Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

monica bedi

The whole world watched underworld don and Mumbai blast accused Abu Salem’s heroine girlfriend.

This is one of the few stories about how dark, deep and murky can the relationship be between underworld and Bollywood.

monica bedi


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